2016-2017 Executive Board

President: Rhea Misra


Rhea is a fourth year from Cerritos, CA studying neurobiology. She became interested and involved in politics after realizing how apathetic her hometown was regarding important political and social issues. Besides Cal Dems, she researches in a neuro lab studying the effects of early life stress on white matter in the brain and is a volunteer EMT for BMRC. In her free time, she enjoys eating various forms of potatoes, moshing at concerts, and being a hipster.

You can contact Rhea at president@caldems.com




VP of Finance: Suher Adi

SuherSuher is a third year Political Science major minoring in Public Policy and Peace and Conflict Studies. Originally from Torrance, CA, and with roots from the Middle East, she quickly became aware of domestic and foreign politics at a young age. Her interest in politics sparked when she joined a program in high school called Youth & Government which taught her all about the California State Legislature in great detail. She first joined Cal Dems when she saw someone tabling on Sproul, went to her first meeting and she’s been hooked ever since. Besides Cal Dems, she is also involved in the ASUC, the Arab Retention & Recruitment Center, and she is serving on the IGNITE- Women in Politics College Council. On her spare time she likes to lobby about education and other social justice issues, go to concerts, watch Scandal, and discuss international law and politics. She is excited to serve as Vice President of Finance for Cal Dems.

You can contact Suher at finance@caldems.com

VP of Membership: Caiden Nason

CaidenCaiden is a 4th year transfer student from Southern California. While at Berkeley, Caiden has lobbied at the federal, state, and local level on student issues, and has helped lead demonstrations against administrative policies that affect students. Working with progressive people like Barbara Lee and Aaron Peskin, Caiden learned that progressivism can win when facing moderate or conservative opposition, and hopes to bring that to Cal Dems.

You can contact Caiden at membership@caldems.com





Political Director: Harshil Bansal


Harshil is a second year international student who is an Economics and Political Science major (hopefully) and he joined Cal Berkeley Democrats the fall of his freshman year. He’ll be serving on the board as the Political Director! He was born and brought up in New Delhi, India and can’t vote in any US election but his passion for making change wherever one has encouraged him to join Cal Dems. This past summer, he volunteered at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia while also working at a law firm dealing with civil rights and disability law. Apart from Cal Dems, he’s involved with the ASUC working on statewide issues and voter engagement efforts while also helping the Bernie campaign on campus till it lasted!

You can contact Harshil at political@caldems.com



Development Director: Martha Fiehn

MarthaMartha Fiehn is a sophomore intending to double major in Political Economy and Environmental Economics and Policy. She is originally from Berlin, Germany, where she has interned with the Green Party in the Bundestag. Due to her international background, she is particularly interested in international relations, especially EU economic and social policies. In the US, she has interned with local congressional and state assembly campaigns. In her free time, Martha enjoys fencing, hiking, biking, cooking, and travelling.

You can contact Martha at development@caldems.com




Communications Director: Divya Vijay

DivyaDivya is a sophomore at UC Berkeley with an intended major in Economics. After growing up in the Texas of California (Fresno), she is more than happy to ensconce herself in the liberal bubble of Berkeley. Her switch from pre-med to politics occurred after interning for Amanda Renteria’s 2014 Congressional campaign in the Central Valley. Since then, she has been involved in mock trial teams, choir, political campaigns, and student government. At UC Berkeley, Divya served as the Sponsorship and Grant Coordinator for the non-profit Asha for Education, State Lobby Corps Manager for the ASUC Office of External Affairs, and as a board member for the SSWANA community. As it is an election season, Divya is excited for the upcoming months of voter registration, campaigning, and organizing with Cal Berkeley Democrats!

You can contact Divya at communications@caldems.com


IT Director: Emily Glazer

EmilyEmily Glazer is a sophomore, originally from Woodside, California, majoring in Physics and minoring in Math. She joined Cal Dems at the beginning of her freshman year and found it to be a wonderful, inclusive, and fun community that comes together around shared progressive values. Outside of Cal Dems, she is in the Society of Physics Students and works with the Sage Mentorship Project. In her free time, Emily enjoys hiking, making music, and eating, especially tacos and all desserts. As IT director, she hopes to contribute to the Cal Dems community by raising awareness of our events and increasing our online presence.

You can contact Emily at it@caldems.com

Smart Ass Editor In Chief: Sophie Davies


SophieSophie Davies is a second year double majoring in Environmental Economics and Policy and Political Science. She is originally from Sydney, Australia, and moved to one of the few conservative towns in Massachusetts (Nantucket) at the age of nine. Having listened to NPR and PBS since she was born, she was deeply instilled with progressive ideals. This, combined with her natural tendency to be a smart ass, prompted her to get involved with promoting her democratic ways however she could, from working in the community gardens, to writing for her high school newspaper about the issues that are most important to her. She hopes to continue to improve upon the work done by her amazing predecessors by continuing to promote her progressive ways in more fun, upbeat ways with the magazine.

You can contact Sophie at smartass@caldems.com

Programs Director: Varsha Venkat

You can contact Varsha at programsdirector@caldems.com

Field Director: Soli Alpert

You can contact Soli at field@caldems.com