2014-2015 Executive Board

President: Mon-Shane Chou

Mon-Shane Chou is a senior Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies double major. She first became politically involved at her community college in Southern California, where she worked with organizations like Planned Parenthood and organized as part of Pro-Choice Students for Boxer, and served in leadership positions for student government and feminist campus organizing. At Cal, Mon-Shane continued to be involved in political work as IT Director in Cal Dems, as well as in the ASUC. As the first API woman President of Cal Berkeley Democrats, Mon-Shane looks forward to developing collaborative relationships within the progressive community, and strengthening the political activism of Cal Berkeley Democrats through the 2014 midterm elections.

You can contact Mon-Shane at president@caldems.com.


VP of Finance: Evelyn Montenegro

Evelyn Montenegro is a second year Integrative Biology major from Southern California. Evelyn first became highly interested in politics during the 2008 general election, and her interest has increased ever since. She came to UC Berkeley hoping to find people as interested in progressive politics as she was, and she found them in Cal Dems. Since she joined her first semester, she has learned much about the world of politics and has been immersed in progressive causes. Evelyn hopes to continue fighting for the causes she is most passionate about, including education, the environment, and social justice. She is glad she will be able to further her involvement in Cal Dems as Vice President of Finance.

You can contact Evelyn at finance@caldems.com.


VP of Membership: Anthony Barros

Anthony Barros is a 2nd year English and Legal Studies double major. Coming from a conservative rural desert area, Anthony started organizing in the Antelope Valley for progressive values once he started high school. Serving as the Student Board Member for his high school district and Mayor of the Youth in Government Program, Anthony unapologetically advocates for queer, racial, and economic justice in Los Angeles county. In Sacramento, Anthony has helped organize Queer Youth Advocacy Day for 3 years as a leader with the Gay Straight Alliance Network, Transgender Law Center, and ACLU passing key legislation including AB 887, the Gender Nondiscrimination Act and AB 1266, the School Success and Opportunity Act. As VP of Membership, Anthony wants to make sure Cal Dems is a fun and inclusive space for everyone to be as progressive as possible!

You can contact Anthony at membership@caldems.com.


Political Director: Wes Adrianson

Wes Adrianson is a second year majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and minoring in City Planning. He was thrilled to find a home in Cal Berkeley Democrats in his first week on campus as a freshman. Since then, he has become very involved in UC Berkeley’s progressive activism, especially with the climate justice movement. Last year, he served as the ASUC Environmental Advocacy Coordinator and also co-founded Students Against Fracking, which has since grown into a statewide student coalition. He is incredibly excited to be this year’s Cal Dems Field Director and looks forward to engaging the Cal Dems community in the November elections and a range of progressive causes this year.

You can contact Wes at political@caldems.com.


Development Director: Forest Barnes

Forest Barnes is a 3rd year transfer student, majoring in Economics.  Having grown up in Bakersfield, CA, he is used to having to defend his progressive views. After joining Cal Dems his first week at Cal, he was glad to have found a group of people whose values aligned with his own. He couldn’t think of a better way to give back to the club than to run for board as Development Director. As Development Director, he plans to put on many memorable events for the club and enhance its social aspects, while actively searching for new volunteer opportunities. He hopes that these events will bring in students who not only joined Cal Dems for the political activism, but also for a sense of community. If you would like to catch up with Forest some time, feel free to meet up with him for coffee or lunch. He will be willing to listen to any of your suggestions for the club, as well as be open to talking about pretty much anything.

You can contact Forest at development@caldems.com.


Communications Director: Rhea Misra

Rhea Misra is a second year Molecular Cell Biology Major with an intended Marine Science minor and is originally from Cerritos, CA. She has always been passionate about politics, and in high school she was involved in Model UN and was president of Junior State of America. She first became involved in Cal Dems her freshman year by writing for the Smart Ass. Besides Cal Dems, she is also involved with the Berkeley Scientific Journal, American Red Cross, and Cal Fencing on campus. In her free time, she enjoys playing guitar, quoting obscure movies, watching Louie, collecting vinyls, and making fun of Republicans.

You can contact Rhea at communications@caldems.com.


IT Director: Michelle Lynn Nelson

Michelle Lynn Nelson is a Political Science and Media Studies double major. Originally from San Bernardino, California, she has become vibrantly passionate about Education and Law. She has worked in the Department of Education focusing on issues such as bullying, cyber-bullying, human trafficking and child exploitation. As a low-income and first-generation college student putting herself through college, she has learned the importance of economic equality, community, students’ rights, campus and financial aid resources. As IT Director, Michelle plans on making the website an important and valuable resource for all Cal Dems members, with information ranging from internships to available on-campus services. Her passion for progressive values and a love of the Constitution have inspired her to pursue a career in Constitutional Law.

You can contact Michelle at it@caldems.com.


Smart Ass Editor In Chief: Simona Boneva

Simona Boneva is a fourth-year English and MCB double major. As an Orange County refugee, she is excited to be part of the biggest and most progressive chapter of college Democrats in California. Her interest in politics began when she first moved to America in 1999 and learned about the Lewinsky scandal. Simona has enjoyed working on the Smart Ass in past years and will continue to enjoy working on it.

You can contact Simona at smartass@caldems.com.