The Guide to Running for Cal Dems Board

To submit your candidate statement for the 2015 Cal Dems election, please click this link.

All of the information below is taken from the Constitition. Further information about each individual Board position is also available in the Constitution. Click this link to view the Constitution in entirety.

Prior to Election Day…

Only Members in Good Standing may vote or run for office. (A Member in Good Standing must have attended at least 5 meetings that semester and paid semester dues.)

Candidates must fill out a form declaring intent to run in order to be on the ballot and have their statements sent out.

Statements must be sent electronically to the President and VP of Membership by 11:59 PM of the Saturday prior to the election if they are to be included in the email of candidate statements to be sent out to members. (Use the link above to submit your statement!)

Candidates must declare their intent to run by 7PM the day before the election to be included on the ballot. However, a line for a write-in candidate will be on every ballot.

A candidate who loses one election may run for another position that has not yet been voted on. The election will follow the order of succession.

The offices that are available are (in order of succession): President, VP of Finance, VP of Membership, Political Director, Development Director, Communications Director, IT Director, and Smart Ass Editor in Chief. IT Director is an appointed position. There are also two additional appointed positions that are available on a semester basis.

On Election Day…

The President will chair the election. The Political Director will serve as parliamentarian.

The President and VP of Membership shall count the votes outside of the room in which elections are taking place immediately after the vote is held.

Each candidate will have 5 minutes to speak, and 2 minutes to answer follow-up questions.

In a race of more than two candidates where no candidate receives a majority, a runoff election will be held between the top two candidates. During the runoff, Members may vote to extend time for additional questions or speaking time for the candidates.

You May Not

Pass out campaign literature outside of the election itself.

Influence voters with gifts, monetary or otherwise.

Campaign to voters with whom you do not have a preexisting relationship.


Your candidate statement should include your name, information about you as a person, why you are qualified to run for office, and what your goals are for that office.

It is strongly recommended that each candidate not take the whole five minutes for their introductory speech, in the interest of time.