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Weekly meetings take place every Thursday evening. Our first meeting of the Fall 2016 semester will be on 9/1 from 8-9PM in 103 Genetics and Plant Biology. Any current UC Berkeley student, faculty member, or staff member may be an active member in Cal Berkeley Democrats, although only members in good standing can vote or hold office.

All former students (those who have previously been enrolled for at least one academic term) who are also registered Democrats (or declare their support of the Democratic Party) may become Alumni Members of Cal Dems upon receipt of their membership dues. Alumni members cannot vote or hold office in the club, but may otherwise actively participate in all activities.

With the approval of the Executive Board, any registered Democrat (or anyone who professes support for the Party) may be granted an Honorary Membership. Honorary members are entitled to participate in all club activities, with the exception of holding office and voting.

Please ask the Vice President of Membership in person or by email ( to be added to our membership list.

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What is a Member in Good Standing?

Members in Good Standing shall be defined as any member, as defined above, who has paid the semester dues, has filled out a membership application, and has attended five meetings that semester. The price level of club dues shall be established from time to time by the Executive Board and agreed upon by a majority vote of the membership in the semester before the change is to take effect. Only Members in Good Standing are eligible to vote or to hold office in this organization.

A meeting shall be defined as any general meeting, committee meeting, or non-social club event. For the purpose of determining standing, no more than one meeting per week shall be counted. Attendance shall be taken at all meetings and submitted to the Vice President of Membership.

Fee Waivers for Cal Dems Events/Membership Fees

In order for a more inclusive club that allows for all to participate, fee waivers are available for those in need for all Cal Dems events that require payment in order to participate, including but not limited to membership fees. If the payment of such fees and dues would be a financial hardship, please email the Vice President of Finance at There are both partial and full fee waivers available to members for all Cal Dems events that require fee payment.